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Fleet Management Software (eFleet)

For businesses that involve keeping and maintaining huge numbers of vehicles, it is necessary to monitor the activity of the assets and vehicles. The Fleet Management Software Africa helps in managing the large fleet of vehicles without incurring unnecessary costs, with the help of technologies such as data communication software, data logging programs, and satellite positioning technologies.

Improper or disconnected fleet management between the owners, drivers, vendors, technicians and other personnel results in avoidable downtime and losses. With a Fleet Tracking Software, real-time data of vehicles at work can be collected and used by the business owners or fleet managers while making decisions regarding which vehicle to use for certain operations. Tracking vehicles can help in efficient dispatch and ultimate customer satisfaction. Vehicle Management Software Africa also helps in reducing fuel costs, maintenance charges of vehicles, providing better safety to the drivers, and easier scheduling.

Who can use :

  • Individual
  • Company
  • Government Organisaton
  • Taxi Based Company
  • Travel Based Company
  • Any Organisation who have Vehicles based works...

Key Features :

Multi-Language Support Multi-User Account Support all devices
User Friendly Interface Paperless Management Anytime, Anywhere Access
Vehicles Management Drivers Management Fuel Management
Payroll Management of Drivers Expense Management Income Management
Live Tracking of Vehicle Vehciles Availability Drivers Availability
Communication Management Allocation of Drivers for Vehciles Routes Management
Institutions Administration can manage :: Vehicles, Drivers, Routes, Payroll, Fueling of Vehciles.

eFleet Features & Functionality :

  • Smart Dashbaord
  • Vehciles Based Reports
  • Monthly Fueling Reports
  • Payroll of Drivers
  • Driver Status
  • Vehicles Status
  • And many more..

Platform Available in:

  • Web(Cloud)
  • Offline
  • Android App

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