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Court Management Software (eCourt)

The modular approach of Court Management Software Africa encourages effective decision making. Because several day-to-day processes are automated, it gives one ample time to concentrate on the actual task at hand, i.e., approaching and evaluating a case from every angle.

An efficient judicial case management software allows one to access all the relevant and up-to-date case information easily, whether it is an on-going case or a pending one. Law firms can use this effectively designed eCourt software to find innovative ways to deal with their cases. Using these software adds a much-needed efficiency at the workplace as well as at the courts. Online Judiciary Management Software also helps monitor and process the backlogged cases, and with digital documenting, the paper trail is shortened and the burden is significantly lowered. With centralized data, officials can also see who is in charge of a case and follow the digital paper trail.

Who can use :

  • Law firms
  • Judiciary Management
  • All Type of Law Based Institution

Key Features :

Multi-Language Support Multi-User Account Support all devices
User Friendly Interface Paperless Management Anytime, Anywhere Access
Complete Monitoring of Cases Human Resource Management Dashboard
Hearing Dates Management Role Based System Online/offline Versions
Firm and User Management SMS/Email Notifications Clients Management
Notice Board System Hearing Dates Managment Sync with Realtime Hearings

eCourt Features & Functionality :

  • Smart Search
  • Court-wise Databases
  • Statutory Information
  • Mobile Access
  • Payments Management
  • Documents Management
  • To Do Lists Management
  • Payroll Management
  • calendar & reminders
  • Notes Management case wise
  • And many more..

Platform Available in:

  • Web(Cloud)
  • Offline
  • Android App

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