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Document Management Software (eDocument)

Document Management System is the use of a computer and software that helps one manage, store, and track all of the electronic data as well as digital images of information on papers through a document scanner. Almost all businesses and organizations need efficient electronic document management software that helps them keep all the relevant data in one place to ensure ease of access.

Owners can keep a check and coordinate the simultaneous editing of documents so as to avoid overwriting on the same document. There are also different version control features that allow one to see how the document started out, and how it is different from its current version. With a document management software Africa, tabs can be kept on who edited a document and when along with an option to ‘roll-back’ in case a previous version of the document is needed or an error was made.

Who can use :

  • Corporate
  • Offices
  • Small to large firm
  • All Type of Institutions

Key Features :

Multi-Language Support Multi-User Account Support all devices
User Friendly Interface Paperless Management Anytime, Anywhere Access
Complete Monitoring of Documents Data Protection Dashboard
Document Input Document Indexing Document Search
Workflow Automation Email Notification System Front Office Managment
Notice Board System Human Resource Managment Seprate Panel for Owner

Platform Available in:

  • Web(Cloud)
  • Offline
  • Android App

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